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Institute of Medical Molecular Genetics

Master / Diploma Student Position (Eye Diseases)

A Master / Diploma student position is available to identify new genes involved in the pathogenesis of exudative vitreoretinopathy (EVR) and to investigate their function in order to better understand the molecular basis of this group of eye diseases.

In our lab, we focus on the investigation of the molecular pathophysiology of the disease phenotype, which is quite similar in this group of vasoproliferative blindness diseases, especially with regard to the defects in the retinal vasculature. More information is also abailable on our website: Norrie Disease

We have found several, probably disease-causing, DNA sequence alterations in different genes of patients with EVR which are now being characterized in more detail. The project involves functional analysis of mutations in vitro and sequencing of new candidate genes for EVR.

Highly motivated students in the area of biology, biomedical sciences or equivalent are encouraged to send applications. A strong interest in human genetics as well as basic training or practical experience in molecular genetics and molecular biology is an advantage. Please submit your application to the following address:

Prof. Dr. Wolfgang Berger
University of Zurich
Institute of Medical Molecular Genetics
Wagistrasse 12
CH-8952 Schlieren

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