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  • Haug P, Koller S, Maggi J, Lang E, Silke Feil S, Wlodarczyk A, Bähr L, Steindl K, Rohrbach M, *Gerth-Kahlert C, *Berger W (2021) Whole exome sequencing in coloboma/microphthalmia: Identification of novel and recurrent variants in seven genes. Genes 12:65.
  • Maggi J, Koller S, Baehr L, Feil S, Kivrak Pfiffner F, Hanson JVM, Maspoli A, Gerth-Kahlert C, Berger W (2021) Long-range PCR-based NGS applications to diagnose Mendelian retinal diseases. Int J Mol Sci 22:1508.
  • Rechsteiner D, Issler L, Koller S, Lang E, Bähr L, Feil S, Rüeggger C, Kottke R, Toelle S, Zweifel N, Steindl K, Joset P, Zweier M, Suter AA, Gogoll L, Haas C, *Berger W, *Gerth- Kahlert C (2021) Genetic analysis in a Swiss cohort of bilateral congenital cataract. JAMA Ophthalmol (in press).

    *equal contribution; shared last authorship

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