Human Genetics (BIO 388)

We will present and discuss a selection of issues relevant for
understanding the concepts of modern medical genetics. A broad spectrum
of topics will be covered ranging from the use of genetics in forensics
to clinical studies of hereditary disorders. A key objective of this
course is to elucidate the role of interactions between genes and
environment in health and disease.


- Anatomy of the genome and genomic disorders
- Molecular networks as key to human developmental disorders
- Genome-wide analysis in the post-genomic era
- Neurogenetics
- Clinical aspects of genetic disorders in childhood
- Genetic heterogeneity and clinical variability (eye diseases)
- Dynamic mutations and anticipation, imprinting mutations
- Genetics of cancer
- Genetic disorders of human sexual development
- Applied genetics: DNA profiling


- Wolfgang Berger
- Daniel Bopp
- Steven Brown
- Alex Hajnal
- Bea Latal
- Anita Rauch
- Andrea Sulzer